Would you do it: Zito for Soriano?

From Paul Sullivan's Cubs mailbag. It's unlikely to every happen, but these things are fun to throw around. Soriano to the Giants for Barry Zito. Years and salary are about equal I think. Giants need offense. Zito could balance the Cubs starting rotation and allow them to trade Rich Harden. It would open up a spot for Jake Fox to play quite a bit so we can see what he can do. If he doesn't work out, then it can be a showcase to trade him in the offseason. -- Jim F., Morris, Ill. That certainly qualifies as a wacky trade, and swapping a disappointing player with nine-figure contract for another disappointing player with nine-figure contract is appealing. But Zito will probably never recover, while Soriano is bound to get better at some point this year, right?

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