Posey's future

I know this is early and has been discussed before, but Posey's future may not be as a catcher long term. I'm not advocating moving Posey from catcher right now. In fact, he will probably start his career in the majors there. But the guy wasn't drafted so high because of his defensive skills at catcher. It was his bat that got him drafted so high. Remember, his last year in college, he was at the top or near the top in most offensive statistical categories.

Biggio has been mentioned as an example of moving. But part of moving Biggio was because his bat was too valuable to miss 30 games or so that most starting catchers miss a year. In fact, he batted leadoff hos many years? If you look at the numbers of last year, there were not that many starting catchers that started over 130 games and the ones that did, tended to be the ones in the AL where they have the DH and guys like Mauer and Suzuki are used there.

If Posey's bad is as good as I think, then you need his bat in the lineup at least 150 games. So if the Giants can find a way to get him the extra games playing another position besides catcher and do so without weakening the lineup in any way, then great.

I was told by some in here that Jason Kendall played a lot of games as a Pirate when catching. True, but Kendall wasn't a power threat and played on crappy teams anyway. Plus, his stolen bases he had was considered something great. Who cares? Like Posey's ability to steal bases is important. The Pirates lost as much with Kendall as without him in the lineup. I wouldn't want to compare Posey to that.

Plus, then someone tried trotting out the '70's and the Reds with Johnny Bench. Saying the Reds didn't seem to mind Bench missing 30 games or so a year. Well, no kidding, the Reds only had guys like Pete Rose, Joe Morgan, Tony Perez, and George Foster among others in that lineup. I think that lineup could get by without Bench's bat in the lineup 1 game a week or so. Get 3-4 HOF players in the Giant lineup like the Reds had and then I won't worry about it.

Then was told of Martin and the Dodgers. Well, look at their lineup. Is Martin's bat so important to that team? They have some pretty solid hitters to say the least.

I was also told that Posey's numbers in the minors are great for a catcher, but no so much for another position. Hello? How are people that dense? Posey's numbers are great for any player at any position.

Posey's numbers:

SJ CAL .326 80 291 63 95 23 0 13 58 157 45 45 6 0 .428 .540 .967

SJ CAL .344 81 294 64 101 26 4 15 58 180 34 58 0 0 .430 .612 1.042

These numbers are only great for a catcher? Neal's numbers are not much different: .344, 26 doubles, 15 homers, 58 rbi's, and an OBP of .430. So how are Neal's numbers great for an OF, but Posey's aren't? That makes no sense.

Besides Pablo, Posey's bat may be the best in the lineup when the time comes for him to be on the team and the Giants can not afford to have it missing a game a week. Or overplay Posey at catcher and has little left in August-September.

Dale Murphy many years ago with the Braves was moved to CF from catcher. Granted he couldn't handle the catching position defensively, but because of his athletic ability, he made the switch to CF and became one of the best at that position for many years.

So again, I'm not saying Posey should be moved to another position this instant. But it is something the Giants have to consider because of Posey's bat becomes one of the best in the lineup, then they have to find a way to keep it in the lineup. If he could catch say 130 and play other games at other positions and could with his athletic ability, then ok, problem solved. But just 130 games or whatever will not be enough, especially for a team that is considered needing bats and then you'd take one of your best hitters out of the lineup 1 game a week? That's just insane and makes no sense at all.

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