The TB Rays of 2009

Well as much of us Giants fans know, this season has been a complete success so far. I surely am surprise with the record they currently have.   2nd best record in the NL. Correct me if I'm wrong but they have the 5th best record in the Bigs. I mean, that's a big improvement compared to last year where at this time they were 15 games below .500.  The Giants are basically the so called the Tampa Bay Rays of 2009.


If we remember, the Rays were one of the worst teams in 2007.  That goes for the Giants who was basically one of the worst in 2008. But what happened to the Rays in 2008? ended the season becoming division championsin the AL East, yes, DIVISION Champions in the AL East. The Yanks nor the Sox wasn't the winner, it was the Rays. Ending their season 2nd best last year. But we don't know what will happen this year with the Giants. We have a WHOLE half of season to play. Hopefully they can keep this pitching consistency up and hopefully keep the winning attitude up including improving the offense.


Probably they just might end up in the W.S. and actually WIN one for their FIRST W.S. championship since they moved to the west. Right now, all we can ask ourselves is, "what if"....

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