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Post-Game Recap: Pablo Sandoval Doesn't Need Your Pity

X-rays negative. I wouldn't say that's better news than a no-hitter, but it's more practical. Without Cain, the Giants trade Bumgarner and Posey for Roy Halladay. They might then trade Alderson and Villalona for Matt Holliday. Then they trade Thomas Neal and Jonathan Sanchez for Hank Helloday, Sergio Romo and Scott Barnes for Fred Hulooday, and six different minor leaguers for Jim Hoboday. It would be a crazy overreaction to a serious injury, but that's how important Matt Cain is to this team.

In other news, Orlando Hudson went 0-for-4 with a strikeout. Pablo Sandoval has chunks of guys like Hudson in his stool. But, nope, Hudson's the All-Star. O-Dawwwwg! Not that I'm bitter.

Good win, though I'm starting to think the Padres need to add a hitter or two.