Phillies Series Group/ Get Together Sunday 8/2

OK folks, I think most of us are frustrated and PO'ed about now. I think it would be great if we could get a group together for some coordinated heckling of Manuel and the Phillies on Sunday 8/2. No profanity or anything as ugly as Manuel Blows Goats, but loud and to the point. Or heck, you can just join and give moral support to the louder people in the group. And FREE PABLO TEACHER!!!

We could do this Brute/ SJ Giants style even if we get enough people. If I get an idea how many may be interested, I can front the group bill and get payback as we move forward. If I eat a few tickets, no biggie just cause it would be so worth it to get some of this frustration of my and your chests. These would likely be bleacher seats, as they are close to field level and would allow the most people to afford tickets. If you are interested, please reply with


1) How many people you would have

2 How likely you would be able to make it (maybe, probably, or for sure)

I will be posting this elsewhere as well trying to drum up support.

If this has already been discussed I apologize, but right now I don't see a mention of it

And for what its worth, I will be going to the 27th game as well leading up to this one......

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