Organization Prospect Depth Chart:  2b

Second base. Manny Burriss beats out Kevin Frandsen in spring training. Burriss struggles and is demoted to AAA. Franny gets his chances with bereavement leaves. Top minor league prospect Nick Noonan has been struggling at A+ San Jose. The kid in AA is quietly having a fine season. And now a 40-something rounder is lighting it up in rookie ball. Oh, and the Velez experiment did not work out.

Robby Thompson must be rolling over in his grave. What's that? He is alive you say?

AAA Fresno Grizzlies

AA Connecticut Defenders

A+ San Jose Giants

A Augusta GreenJackets

A Salem-Keizer Volcanoes

R Arizona Giants

My top Giants 2b prospects:

1. Kevin Frandsen

2. Manny Burriss AAA

3. Brock Bond AA

4. Nick Noonan A+

5. Juan Martinez R

Who are your top SF Giants top 2b prospects?

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