Sunday a good test for Zito stamina

4 starts in a row now with no extra days off. 2 were mediocre on June 27 and July 2, then the 107-pitch near-shutout CG on July 7.

Last year Zito seemed to tire on the 5 day rotation, and perk up after breaks and the "bullpen demotion" of early May.

I am not making a prediction here, I just like this as a test case. Is canyon tossing the new ultimate workout? Is this the new improved buff Zito? Are we crazy to get enthused about a crafty lefty with 86 heat on the fastball?

Looking at the schedule--there's a 3-week stretch July/Aug and a 2.5 week one end of Aug with no days off.

Got to use Joe Martinez or somebody as a 6th starter a couple of times rather than tell all 5 of the regular starters to go out there and work like horses. Then in September Bochy has the luxury or do I mean temptation of bringing up one or a few of the wunderkinder to share the load. Nice option if this team is still contending.

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