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Post-Game Recap: Giants Drop One in Extra Innings

Bobby gave up a homer to Colby. It's hard to get angry when you think of it like that. It sounds so adorable.

It's hard to be upset with Pablo Sandoval's dropped ball -- it was a tough play for a new infielder at a new (for him) park. Also, he didn't ask to be jinxed with a front-page love letter.

It's hard to be upset at Bobby Howry -- once the ump blew the previous call, Howry had to throw a fastball in a 3-2 count in front of Albert Pujols.

But I have to blame someone, right? Lessee...I...uh...blame....

Juan Uribe. Fie on you, backup infielder filling in admirably. Fie on you and your two strikeouts.

There. That feels better. I also left a little blame to smear over Bruce Bochy for taking out Jeremy Affeldt after 11 pitches. It's an extra-inning game, Boch. C'mon Stretch your relievers out a little.