TRADE!! How about a better solution....

We all want some big trade to bring in some superstar onto our Giants. But that seems to be very unlikely. If it were a possibility we will have to give up one of our top prospects. Which I definetly don't want to do. I think we already have our solution for our Corner outfield position of need and our 1st baseman of need. He was on the San Francisco Giants last year and is tearing up the AAA right now. He plays OF and can play some 1st base... and his name is John Bowker. He is hitting for a very good average and we all know he has power. He is young and a developing young player. WE need him. he would be a huge help. So tell me what you think, would you rather give up a big name prospect to get a guy , or bring up Bowker, who we should all know that he can play? Check out his stats...John Bowker, AAA Fresno.

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