Fun with Wikipedia

I have about an hour to kill at work and wanted to see in what town Timmy was born (Bellevue), and i realized there are some fun facts about our boys in the wacky pages of Wikipedia. Here is a list of our 25 man roster with whatever's the funnest fact i could find about them from just their Wiki entry. I tried to avoid the obvious stuff, but how many of these are new to you?

in order by jersey number, because, um...

  • Bengie - "played shortstop for Arizona Western College"
  • Dwight Winn - "On October 3, 1999, he hit an inside-the-park grand slam against the New York Yankees. No player has hit one since."
  • Juan "Scrunchy Face" Uribe - "Uribe has ... three children: Juan Luis, Juanny, and Janny"
  • Ishi - "person life married michelle" (this part is written just like this and hidden at the very bottom of his page)
  • Nate - "He is one of few baseball players to bat without batting gloves."
  • Flewis - "He is the cousin of former major league outfielder Matt Lawton."
  • Edgar R. - "is one of only three players to be the last hitter of two World Series"
  • Matty C - "graduated from Houston High School in Germantown, Tennessee, where he earned the nickname Big Sugar"
  • Eli W- "MLB Debut: July 5, 2005 for the Baltimore Orioles"
  • Scott Rowand - "is the first cousin of Tampa Bay Rays pitcher James Shields."
  • Matt Downs - "born March 19, 1984 in Tuscaloosa, Alabama"
  • B. Wilson - "recorded saves in 24 consecutive save opportunities between May 2, 2008 and August 20, 2008"
  • Affeldt - "he had half of the nail surgically removed after the 2003 season"
  • Justin Miller - "in 2004, Major League Baseball established a rule that forced Miller to wear long sleeves whenever he played."..."I don't know," he laughed. "They just said it's the 'Justin Miller rule.'""
  • Howry - "is one of four pitchers who have pitched in at least 70 games each of the four seasons from 2004-08"
  • Snatchwig - "When Valdez was first traded to the Giants, he went by the name Manny Mateo. While in his first year with the organization, however, his real name and real age (nine months older than he previously claimed) were revealed"
  • Panda - "Sandoval himself characterized his approach as: "See ball, swing."
  • RJ - "During batting practice in 1988, the 6'10" Johnson, then with the Montreal Expos, collided head-first with outfielder Tim Raines, prompting his teammate to exclaim, "You're a big unit!""
  • Medders - "born January 26, 1980 in Tuscaloosa, Alabama"
  • Romo - "In 2005 he was the Rocky Mountain Athletic Conference Pitcher of the Year."
  • Timmy - "Lance Berkman offered his view of Lincecum: "He's got as good of stuff as I've ever seen. ... He's got three almost unhittable pitches.""
  • Sadowski - Categories: Polish-American sportspeople
  • Dirty Sanchez - "becoming the 3rd player from Sabana Grande, PR to reach the Major Leagues and the 1st pitcher (Jose Vidro, Robinson Cancel)"
  • Torres - "On June 15th, 2009, Torres hit the 48th Splash Hit at AT&T Park."
  • Zito - "His uncle is TV's Patrick Duffy"
  • Bochy (Bonus) - "is known for having one of the largest cap sizes in Major League Baseball at 8 3/4. When he joined the Mets in 1982, they did not have a batting helmet that would fit him, and they had to send the ones he was using in the minors."

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