I want Hanley

All of this trade talk is fun but there isn't much out there that excites me. Now if we could get Hanley Ramirez somehow I would definitely be interested. I'd happily give up ANY of our big four to get him. I really have no idea what it would take to get a player like him but he WOULD be the sort of upgrade we need. I don't want Dye or Martinez or Uggla or who knows what. I'm happy to stand pat and exceed expectations this year even if we don't go all the way. If we are going to try to go all the way and need a trade to do it, I don't want to mess things up. The way I see it: C - Molina is probably not expendable because he IS a core part of the team. He may suck huge donkey balls in the cleanup spot but he also seems to be good for the team beyond this. 1b - Ishi should be given every chance to prove whether he is a starter or not. So far he has done nothing to show that he definitely isn't. Let him play as his upside is pretty good and we aren't likely to replace that in a trade. I mean if he lives up to his potential we won't be able to replace that in trade. If he just plays meh...then we will know by the end of the year. 2b - The one spot where we definitely could see improvement. Don't give up anything super valuable, though. SS - I would happily trade Renteria. Shit, I'd move him to 2b if we could get Hanley. Otherwise we are stuck with him for another year and AFAIK he is league average at the position. 3b - Covered. OF - Rowand is here for a while. Schierholtz is being given the chance to succeed and he is the same as Ishi...if he lives up to potential we aren't going to be able to replace him via trade very easily so why trade. LF is the headache. We are probably stuck with Winn and this is not a bad thing. Lewis is toast and should be sent to the minors. Torres is a serviceable 4th. We have Bowker tearing it up in Fresno so why not bring him up and see what he can do. He had success last year to a decent degree. Anyway, that was rambley but why trade at all? This year was supposed to be a progress year and we are doing that just fine. Just because we have a good shot at the playoffs doesn't mean we have to start getting all crazy. Unless we can get Hanley...

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