My Radical Trade Proposal

It's radical.

Okay, so the Giants are in contention. We all know that. We're a whole game and a half up on the wild card, and it's already July (it has been for an hour)! But we have a terrible offense, and if we want to stay in contention we'd better trade for a bat. So here's what we do:


First, we trade no one to Florida for no one. Then we trade no one to Oakland for no one. After that, trade no one to Houston for no one, and finish off by trading no one to Texas for no one.

Brilliant, right? I believe that at this point, we have a team that can contend. This is enough. Coming into this season, we weren't thinking contention until at LEAST 2010, and probably 2011 when Bumgarner and Alderson will be in the rotation. And yes, I suppose this is a feeling that is borne out of 7-0, 10-0, 6-3 and masterful pitching the last three days, but honestly, we've got a fairly decent lineup that probably won't carry us into the postseason, but who cares? We weren't supposed to get close to the postseason this year, and I'd rather not trade Posey, Villanola, MadBum or Tim2 for a rental. Because honestly, if we want to make it for sure, we need an impact bat. And that's going to take one of the four.

At this point, we've got Sandoval, Molina, Schierholtz, Renteria, Winn, Ishikawa, Rowand, and Uribe/Downs comprising our weakest element, the lineup, and frankly, I'm not too unhappy. Sure, none of these guys are hitters who will make the opposing pitcher crap himself, but if you get league-average production (which we do from at least 6/8 of the lineup) with this pitching staff, you could go somewhere. And if you sell the farm to buy a guy who will take you somewhere, what does that mean for next year? Or 2011? I'd rather flirt with contending now (which I say again, no one expected) than lose in the NLDS or the NLCS or the WS (because we won't go all the way, that's just not going to happen) and have to spend the next five years rebuilding again.

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