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Post-Game Recap: The Giants' Offense is Bad

Sean West, 2008, A: 100 IP, 60 BB

Sean West, 2009, AA: 42 IP, 22 BB

By all means, Giants, go up there hacking. That's a real solid game plan against a rookie who has had problems with his control in the minors. Swing at the first pitch, fellas -- those are the real Easter eggs of the at-bat. There's chocolate in the middle of those first pitches, and the chocolate is wrapped in gold. You've figured it out.

To West's credit, on the rare occasion the Giants didn't swing at the first pitch (about half the time), West got a lot of called first strikes. Like 1000 other pitchers in professional baseball, he'd be an All-Star if he were somehow touched by the Maddux control wand, which is only half as dirty as it sounds. For this one night, West was a pitcher who threw strikes. And the Giants just weren't willing to wait around.

I, for one, am looking forward to reading the Post-It that has the entire organizational hitting philosophy written on it.

It would have been such a nice boost to win the series. Gah.