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Post-Game Recap: Giants Defeat Marlins

This game was a great example of why a good closer is a finishing touch on a good team, not a prequisite to having a good team. If Wilson blew the game, all of the focus would have been on him. Why can't we get a reliable closer? Why can't Wilson just have a 1-2-3 inning? Grrr, Wilson!

Less of a focus: the Giants turned 14 baserunners (including six doubles!) into three runs. They have a gift, don't they? As it stands, Wilson's wacky ninth-inning transpirings are something to worry about when the team is capable of scoring runs.

Also of note: Sergio Romo is like Tim Lincecum with a mustache, six miles per hour less on his fastball, and 53 different breaking balls. I will note Romo's successes, and ignore his shortcomings. A-ha! That was a trick statement. Romo has no shortcomings. Man, how he was missed.

Also also of note: Gee, guys, I'm starting to wonder if Edgar Renteria's bat isn't going to come around.

Also3 of note: Great win. After the horror shows in Seattle and San Diego, this has been a pleasant surprise of a road trip so far.