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Post-Game Recap: Zito Gets a Well-Deserved Win

The best part of the game for me wasn't Sandoval's homer. It wasn't Zito's continued non-Zitoness, which is a return to his pre-Giants Zitosity. It wasn't Aaron Rowand's continued non-Rowandness, which is...well, you get the point.

Sergio Romo, baby. He's back.

The slider slid, the cutter cut, and Romo got through two innings of one-run ball, pumping his fist back to the dugout.

Brandon Medders and Justin Miller have done much, much, much better than we had any right to expect. As options in the back of the bullpen go, the Giants aren't in bad shape. In the meantime, Medders and Miller did fine impressions of late-inning guys. Thanks for that.

But: Romo.

We all have our favorites. Steve Reed used to be one of my favorites. What if, then, late-inning scientists developed a Steve Reed who could also get lefties out?


Good win. Now is the time on McCovey Chronicles when we dance.

Now I just can't wait until we trade for a hitter.