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Post-Games Recap: Matt Cain Pitches a Complete Game

What? He did.

It's kind of a weenie way to get a series win and a doubleheader sweep, BUT I'LL TAKE IT.

Two highlights from the games:

I could watch the Randy Johnson dive all day. It was so devoid of grace that it was graceful. It was a heck of a play, too.

The most amazing thing about Johnson's milestone isn't just how late he started his major league career, but that he was still walking 150 hitters a season when he was 27 and 28. His ERA was close to the league average each year, and he was the classic, boy-if-he-ever-can-figure-out-how-to-throw-strikes pitcher. If you took a poll in 1992 asking which 50 pitchers were likely to get to 300 wins, Johnson might not have cracked the list. Not only was he already close to 30, and not only did he throw a ton of pitches because he was so wild, but his body type never screamed "longevity."

Amazing stuff. Good series, albiet a little too wet. I'm sure Florida will fix that.