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San Francisco Giants Draft Preview IV: High School RHPs

Do Shelby Miller, Jacob Turner, and Zach Wheeler all blend together into one amorphous high-school rightie mass for anyone else? Maybe it's the -er last names. Maybe it's the scouting reports that have mid-90s fastballs and some sort of hard breaking ball for all of them. Maybe it's the lack of in-game footage for all three. In ten years, it'll be clear that one of these pitchers would have been a fine choice at #6. I'm not going to pretend that I have even a hint as to which one will pan out.

I will write this, though: A 2013 rotation with Madison and Shelby at the top would be hawt. Or creepy. Maybe just a little strange. It shouldn't affect the Giants' draft board, but as a tiebreaker, it beats a coin flip.

Since 1999, the Giants have drafted five high school right-handers in the first round of the amateur draft:

Tim Alderson
Craig Whitaker
Matt Cain
Boof Bonser
Jerome Williams

Four of the five were top-100 kind of prospects at one point, with only Whitaker languishing forgotten in the minors. Even though Bonser and Williams haven't done a lot at the major league level, don't forget that they did bring a lot back in trade. Like, an All-Star catcher and a fire-throwing closer, which is a sweet haul. The jury's still out on Alderson and Cain, of course, but both still have a chance to bring a veteran back in trade. If we take Miller, Turner, or Wheeler, there's pretty good chance that we could trade one of them for Mo Vaughn's enormous, power-laden son in 2015. That has to be kept in mind for this draft.

Quick bits on all three:


I'd be fine with any of the three at #6, as it would mean that someone in the Giants organization is high on them. I'd guess that a couple of these guys are far up the Giants' draft board, and the cost of buying out their college commitments might be a factor. I wouldn't take any of them above Aaron Crow right now, but the Giants might not have the chance to draft Crow.

Ranking pulled from my nether regions: 1. Wheeler, 2. Turner, 3. Miller. Ask me again tomorrow, and I might reverse the order, mainly because I have no idea what I'm writing about. But if this draft summary has a point, it's that I trust the Giants to pick the right high-school arm if that's the direction they want to take. Any of the three would work for me.