5 Possible All-Stars For The Giants

I never would have thought at the beginning of the year that we may have 5 Giants in the All-Star Game. But let's take a look at these guys who should/could make the team:

Tim Lincecum- He is definitely a lock. With 3 complete games in his last 4 starts, leading the MLB in strikeouts, and second in the NL in ERA, not to mention a 8-2 record, many would think that he's Charlie Manuel's favorite to start the game.

Matt Cain- Cain should be another lock. He leads the NL in wins with 9, and has a stellar 2.57 ERA, and has definitely opened eyes around the league. Statistically, he may the third best pitcher in the NL (very close to Dan Haren for second, if not second).

Brian Wilson- As much as Wilson has been a headache at times, he should be an allstar this year considering that he is second in the NL in saves right behind Heath Bell of San Diego. Yes, I know what you guys are saying: "from watching the Giants every game, he blows to many saves to be an All Star". True, but from the outside baseball world, Brian Wilson is considered an elite closer.

Bengie Molina- Definitely should make the allstar team. If he doesn't, its highway robbery. Yes, his average has dipped down a little bit, but statistically he may arguably be the best catcher in the NL. Most of the good catchers play in the AL. Molina is first among NL catchers in HR's and RBI's.

Pablo Sandoval- Imagine if Pablo didn't get off to a slow start this year. With that being said, he has still put together a great first half of the season. Second in the NL in batting average (barely behind Wright), he has 11 HR's and 39 RBI's, he definitely has a good case. The only problem is, looking at the rest of the NL's third basemen such as Mark Reynolds, Ryan Zimmerman, and Casey Blake, it would be very difficult to make the team. But he definitely is considered.

Point is: Do I think all 5 of these players are going to make the allstar team? Probably not, actually most likely not. But maybe 4 of these guys and atleast 3 should make it. Who would have though right??

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