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Post-Game Recap: Tim Lincecum is Good

Is there anything better than watching Tim Lincecum pitch to Albert Pujols? Yes. Tim Lincecum pitching to Albert Pujols with a nine-run lead in the seventh inning, sitting at, like, 20 pitches for the game. Hit it a mile, Pujols. In blowout-mode, I'll just enjoy the show.

And am I allowed to be righteous about an opposing superstar watching a non-homer? What's the statute of limitations on that? *checks with arbitration panel* Oh, never? I can never get indignant about that again?

Yeah, that's about right.

Also of note: Tim Lincecum pitching the best game of his career. On a warm summer night, 25 years ago, Greg Maddux and Pedro Martinez shared a bottle of chablis, a room at a Best Western, and a secret that survived until tonight. A complete game two-hitter in less than 100 pitches? Good gravy. What a gem.