Should Uribe Be Our Second Baseman?

It's been interesting to see the Giants shuffle through Burriss, Frandsen, Downs and now Uribe at second base. Does anybody think Juan would be our best option at second base at this point. I know he's old, he makes a bonehead error every now and then (and not just on the field), but he's got a hot bat and he has experience on a winning team (as evidenced by him starting on the 2005 World Series Sox team).

Originally, I wanted a Uribe-Sandoval combo with Uribe at 3rd and Sandoval at first but Ishi's bat is starting to come around and Ishi's solid defensively. Furthermore, I want Sandoval to get settled at one position and 3rd seems to be it.

Until Burriss gets his bat together, Uribe in my mind is the best option at second. Downs is not ready for the major league level and Frandsen is just a question mark in my mind (injured, was terrible in his call-up earlier this year).

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