How about trading down and seeing what the young(er) guys can do

Grant beautifully outlined why the Giants either acquire multiple quality players or it just isn't worth it.

I continue to see a bunch of people suggesting marginal to medium upgrades to what we currently have.

Since I don't see the Giants getting the number of impacting players needed, logically we either stand pat OR how about we explore trading our guys who are not in our longer term plans.

Yes, I believe our guys are worth more than some people think. I don't overvalue our guys, it is simply that the Giants have not been open much in the past to other teams minor leaguers because we were trying to fill specific spots on our major league roster -- making it difficult to find good trade partners and always making it a sellers market we were entering into as buyers.

Yes there would also be the "give up" backlash, but I think we could better set ourselves up for next year and making a serious run in the playoffs (not just getting there.)

I think following should be made available:

- Winn

- Rowand

- Renteria

- Molina

- Randy Johnson

- Howry

even Justin Miller

I'm not talking about a total, eat-a-bunch-of-salary-just-to-dump-players move, just if someone is interested, get best return possible without trying to fill specific major league holes. Then see what we really have. I honestly wouldn't mind playing the 2nd half with:

OF = Lewis, Schierholtz, Bowker, Torres (Copeland)

IF = Ishikawa, Sandoval, Burriss, Uribe, Frandsen, Downs (Jesus)

And with all the new parts coming in, if there is a impacting player available we could see on the team long term, then go for it and add another one or two during the off season.

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