OT: Amare to GS rumored trade thoughts

So obviously this rumor had a lot of momentum prior to Nelly proclaiming Curry being off limits, but I'd bet on it being more posturing to try to either get more or give less for Amare. It's been rumored that the trade is being held up by some bonus that hits Biedrins on Wednesday.

For those of you following the trade rumor, what is your perception of it from the GS point of view? Here in Phoenix it seems like the fans would be thrilled with a package of Curry, Wright, Biedrins, Belineli, and/or Azuibuke. The feeling is that Amare is going to opt out after next season and doesn't want to be in Phx. It doesn't seem like anyone here would miss his lack of defense and selfishness on offense.

So do you see this trade still happening, and as a Golden State fan, do you want Amare for that haul?

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