A few questions

Been out of town the past few days, and I have a few questions. Listened to today's game, surprised that Sadowski got the call, but very happy for him. Finally, a 5th starter giving us a chance to win! Aurilia is on the bereavement list, which means we currently have 13 pitchers, correct? That probably won't last. If management asked Richie not to come back after his father's funeral, would it still be appropriate, or would it be heartless? In any case, I don't see them cutting him anyway. Ok, enough about that...

1. Does anyone know if Sadowski is supposed to get more starts, or whether he'll get bounced when Aurilia comes back?

2. Before I left, I heard that Posey was getting promoted to Fresno after his all-star break... but I don't see him in Fresno's box scores from the past few games. Was it just a rumor? Any word on whether Neal/Kieshnick will get bumped up to AA/AAA?

3. Also saw that Dominguez was signed... right on! Anyone know when or where he'll start playing?

Great win today! Hope to see Nate and Ishi stay in the middle of the order.

Thanks everyone.

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