Trading away the future?

I keep seeing trade possibilities with people saying Posey, Villalona, Bumgarner, and Alderson (w/ random mentions of Guzman and Crawford) are the only ones off limits. But we have some other players kicking @ss I'd really hate to see go. Was wondering if I'm the only one apprehensive about getting rid of some awesome prospects. If they played last night I also included their stats:

Bowker: 1-4, batting .415 last ten games. Hitting .352 w/ 14 HRs

Roger Kieschnick (OF): 3-5, 2 HRs (15). He's 18 for last 38 (.474) w/ 6 HRs.

Thomas Neal (OF): 2-5, batting .342 this year w/ 13 HRs and 1.022 OPS

Garrett Broshius: W (6-1) 8IP, 1R (unearned), 4H, 5K, 0 BB

Daniel Runzler: 1 IP, 3 Ks. In 33.1 IP w/ August and SJ this year the dude has given up 11 hits, 2 ER, has 55Ks, and 14 BBs. Players are batting .099 against him

Are people really ready to move any of these for a player the likes of Uggla or Holliday??

Regardless of a trade, all of these players seem to be ready for a move to the next level.

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