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Game Recap: The Giants Salvage One Against the Brewers

Obviously. Of course. Should have known.

Should have known. The Brewers call up an unknown pitcher from the bowels of their system, and he dominates the Giants. Well, I shouldn't write "dominates" -- it isn't as if he was striking every one out. Nope, it was a ball-in-play fest, with liberal sprinklings of ill-timed double plays. If I had a nickel for every time the Giants were overmatched by a non-prospect this season, I'd have about $.30. And I'd use it to feed the meter in front of the bar I'm going to drink at to forget about the Giants. This is getting ri...

Wait, the Giants were the ones who benefitted from a random spot start from a random minor leaguer?

I'd thank the universe, but I'd like to think that we were owed this one. Good job, Ryan.