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Post-Game Recap: Wilson Wins It For the Brewers!


A lot of my favorite gags made an appearance tonight:
  • The walk-two-hitters-in-front-of-Prince-Fielder gag, which is even funnier when it's done with a four-run lead.
  • The get-runners-in-scoring-position-with-less-than-two-outs-and-then-flail gag
  • The actually-hit-a-reliever-hard-only-to-have-Mike-Cameron-make-a-freaky-good-play gag
  • The great-stuff-spotty-location-weird-strike-zone-closer-allowing-several-hundred-baserunners gag
  • The game-ending-double-play-turns-into-an-eventual-loss

Lovely game. How about we chat about this one for a while?