Offense overachievers? 71 Game Checkup


I belileve I have mentioned this before, but lets go ahead and check in on the Giants offense.....

Despite being near last in the league in runs scored, this team is actually over achieving.

Based on Tango Tiger's Linear Weights wOBA thingy....which is about as advanced as it gets these days....

The Giants have actually scored 20 more runs this year than one would expect from the component parts....

wRC = 281, actual runs = 261



Or lets slice that another way.....

Compare 2008 vs 2009 through game 71.

Now the Giants had more plate appearances this time though 71 games, so for purposes of comparison I have reduced the 2008 numbers to match 2009 using plate appearances.


As you can see the runs scored is almost exactly the same.

But to get to this run total the 2009 Giants used the same amount of hits

but 2009 has 16 fewer doubles, 4 fewer homers, 42 fewer walks, 47 more strikeouts, a lower BA, lower OBP, and a lower Slugging.

So how are they scoring more runs? They are converting their chances better, with 23 fewer runners left stranded.

So this can be read a few ways.

The Giants are either lucky, clutch, incredibly well managed, or some combination of the three.

I will leave it up to you to choose which one….




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