Update: McC Night at the Yard Monday 7/27

The 4th Annual McC Night at the Yard is a month away and shaping up to be simply smashing once again. The game will be Monday July 27th vs. The Pirates. As required by the laws of tradition, we'll be meeting up for pre-game cocktails at Zeke's (3rd & Brannan). Everyone is welcome to join us, even if they're not able to make the game.

The Mayor of 311 and I have donated our own season tickets. On top of that, Kitspool and I were able to score additional great seats, so a total of 15 people are loving life. Here's the breakout of who's sitting where:

Field Club on the Giants' Dugout

My friend who works for one of the owners scored her boss' tickets. (This grouping will be known as "Beauty and the Beasts"):

  • Grant
  • The Mayor
  • Kitspool
  • Mrs. Goofus
  • Goofus

Lower Box 123, Row 24

Kitspool snagged tickets directly behind us. This grouping will be called "grougthink" and include the biggest gathering of Mods since Quadrophenia. Sitting there will be:

  • Howtheyscored
  • Natto
  • Walrusman
  • Groug

Lower Box 117, Row 26

Sitting in my regular seats will be proof that there are indeed girls on the internet. We'll call this grouping "Brute's Angels":

  • tk
  • jponry
  • Baronvoncurrentevents
  • BruteSentiment

View Box 311

These are The Mayor's seats and will be occupied by:

  • Delorean
  • Mrs. Delorean

Since they'll able to see us from above and since Mrs. Delorean is a trapeze acrobat, we'll call this "Aerialist Surveilance"

If anyone with extra tickets or people looking to connect to thers in order to sit together, use the comments section here.

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