Offdays suck; these things don't...

I have no thesis for this post.  But I just read the series preview and, well, there's still approximately twenty-seven hours 'til tomorrow's game. 


Given that I don't know sh-t about statistics/predictors or indie rock bands, and that I don't give a sh-t about who the Warriors will draft, I'm creating this post about things that are awesome to me, and for others who find themselves lacking motivation or drive ('til 5:05pm tomorrow, at least) to post about things they think are awesome.  Or about things that aren't awesome.  Or about pizza. 


Stuff, in no particular order:

1. World War II books (fiction and non)

2. Midgets being thrown

3. Fat humor

4. Google Image search results

5. Really cold sushi

6. Beer

7. Mud-flap hats from the 80's

8. Me N' Ed's pizza

9. Wit

10. Judd Apatow movies

11. Cold weather

12. .gifs

13. When old people fart in public and everyone acts like they didn't hear it 'cause the farter is old

14. Haiku (about midgets, et al)

15. This picture:



So, there it is.  Twenty-six and-a-half hours now...

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