Which SF Prospects Would You Trade?

The SF Giants have a one game lead in the NL Wild Card race. The lead in the wild card race can be traced to the success of the Giants pitching. Lead by Tim Lincecum and Matt Cain, the starters have been very good. GM Brian Sabean focused on rebuilding the bullpen this offseason and should receive high marks. The bullpen has been lights out.

Sabean sez: "we know what we need" when talking about potential trades. There is a report that Giants mananaging partner William Neukom is said to be purshing hard for action.

The Giants are contenders. Sabean will make a trade. Giants have some relievers and prospects to deal. Along with one of the three LHH outfielders (Lewis, Schierholtz and Bowker). October baseball will be fun.

1. Madison Bumganer: NO

2. Gerald Posey: NO

3. Tim Alderson: Yes

4. Angel Villalona: Yes

5. Thomas Neal: Yes

6. Henry Sosa: Yes

7. Nick Noonam: Yes

8. Conor Gillaspie: Yes

9. Roger Kieschnick: Yes

10. Eddy Martinez- Esteve: Only if Jacks Williams stays

Which SF prospects are you willing to trade for the bat Sabean will be trading for?

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