Not likely to happen

But we should sign Barry to a minor league deal. See if he can still play (he prolly can and needs a month or so to get in shape) and deflate the Dodgers return of Manny. We won't have to trade prospects. His defense will be bad but it will be more than made up for with his bat. Yeah yeah...let it go. But really, he IS the best bat available. Right now we have a pretty good shot at the WC. With Barry we are the favorites. It may cause a media circus but I think it is worth the gamble. Also it will boost attendance across the board which will add more excitement. Wishful thinking? Probably. Worth doing? Definitely. Cons: defense, media. Anything else? He's still faster than Bengie, I'm sure. Also, his time away may have mellowed him a bit. If RJ can play at 45, so can Barry.

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