Buy low: Dan Uggla

For some reason, I can't stop thinking about taking a long look at Dan Uggla at the break. He's struggling this year, and could probably be had for a reasonable deal. With our current lack of power at the corner outfeild spots, it would really help if we could add a right handed power bat at 2nd.

What would you be willing to give up? I'd give up a B level pitching prospect (Sanchez, Pucetas, Snyder, Sosa, etc) and either Frandsen, Burriss, or Downs.

I'd then give TI the rest of the year to earn the spot at 1B. If he can't cut it, there will be a number of options in FA (Delgado, Johnson, Laroche) that we could take a look at. If posey is ready to fill in for Benji next year, our lineup could be:

LF Lewis

SS Renteria

C Posey

3B Sandoval

2B Uggla

1B Ishikawa

CF Rowand

RF Schierholtz

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