Reflecting on contracts and free agent signings

So Rob Neyer wrote this article today

Now I normally don't like Rob Neyer, but this got me thinking.

What if the Giants signed Dice-K instead of Zito? Looking at it today, who would you rather have? Zito or Dice-K?

Looking around the league :

Gary Matthews Jr.
Juan Pierre
Andruw Jones
Vernon Wells
Jermaine Dye
Oliver Perez
Brian Giles
Carlos Silva
Julio Lugo
Austin Kearns
Magglio Ordonez
Kei Igawa
Eric Chavez
Eric Byrnes
Troy Glaus
Todd Helton
Milton Bradley

I can keep going but I am tired.... point is the Giants have made mistakes, but they made mistakes on 2 players that are still relatively productive, even if they are overpaid.

The Mighty Rex Sox, with all of their sabermetricians, made some of the most egregious mistakes in Dice-K, J.D. Drew, and Julio Lugo, and woh 3 more years of David Ortiz at 12M per!

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