Buy low(er) trade option: Jimmy Rollins

Rollins hasn't been discussed in a while, and coming off a world series win there was no possible way they would've considered trading him this last off season. However, with the glamour of the world series championship wearing off, Philly finds themselves unable to create any separation in a weakened NL East and in serious need of pitching (only the Nationals have a worse team ERA).

Rollins has been off to a horrible start, and is still struggling. His line thus far is .217/.261/.338--far below his career average of .274/.329/.436. Even his stolen bases are down (10). Despite his struggles, I've yet to hear someone say that he's on the permanent decline, and he still has a very affordable contract with only $16M owed in 2010 and 2011.

With all of that, plus a capable Jason Donald in line to replace him, I'm thinking the Phillies might be willing to deal at a reasonable price. Possibly a package of Sancheese, Merkin, Crawford? (Just spitballing... I could be way off on the value of that package).

What do ya say Sabes, kick some tires?

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