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Post-Game Recap: The Giants Might Have Problems Scoring Runs

With less than 100 games to go in the season, I'm out of ways to write "this offense stinks." I'm out of metaphors, allusions, similes, anecdotes, and adjectives. I've googled the phrase "HTML code to express the look of a guy shrugging his shoulders and wrinkling his face in disgust", and nothing comes up. Don't google that on Image Search with SafeSearch off, though. Whoa.

This offense stinks.

Tired of it.

Until further notice, I would like to blame all of the offensive struggles on a single player every night. Tonight, Edgar Renteria gets the blame. Bad Edgar! The Giants tried to take rotten shark and make hakarl, but in the end, they got a pile of gelatinous, rotten, putrefied shark. And they call that pile Edgar. And they're paying Edgar millions of dollars. So tonight, Edgar Renteria is the only thing wrong with the Giants offense. It is his fault alone that the Giants could not score tonight. Bad Edgar!

(...I'll wait a bit and see if that makes me feel better...)

edit: Not really.

other edit: I so didn't have this ready in the eighth inning, and I resent the implication.