Matt Downs: Your Thoughts?

A few weeks ago there was a lot of heated debate on this site over second base. Fransden v Burris: The Clash at the Cove. Not sure there ended up a clear winner in that fight. Anyhow, since then both Fransden and Burris have been sent down. Matt Downs has been, for 5 games, our starting second bagger. I know its a small sample size, but I so far like what I see from Downs. Mostly what I have noticed is that is taking good at bats. He appears very confident at the plate, has a good swing, and looks like he is going up with a plan. Kuip actually compared him (I think his approach and demeanor at the plate, not his actual skills) to Jeff Kent!

I know he booted a grounder in game 3 against the Angels, but I am willing to chalk that up to "getting used to the speed of the game." He made an impressive defensive play in yesterdays game and a smart base running play in Fridays. I'd like to keep him as the starting line up to see how both his AVG (currently .250) and his D develop.

Again, I know its only been 5 games, but I am curious to know what the rest of the group here think about Matt Downs so far. Thoughts?

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