An argument for Ishi

I am not one to generate many posts on the McC, but make no mistake, I'm an avid follower and fan. That being said, I guess I've read too many comments from people that feel Ishikawa is so easily replaceable. Ishikawa will be a consistent .275/ 20hr/ 80rbi/ top 3 defensive first baseman in this league, regardless of whether it's with the Giants or not. I know by reading some of the comments on the McC that some of you garner all of your knowledge about Giants prospects by word of mouth and nothing else. Ishikawa has been a slow starter at each level of development. He got stuck between AA and AAA for three years, and before that was the type of player that was on the slow track at each level. However, once he figures things out, the progress is rapid. I don't understand all the Nate-hype on one hand, while ragging Ishikawa on the other. They are the same age (Downs too), possess skill sets that make them OBVIOUSLY better than their competitors, and could be major pieces to what could be a speial team in '11-'12 or so, yet Nate is all-love and T.I. not so much. I read comments that he should be traded for Davis ( who admittedly does possess a Giants "way" Molina-esque knowledge of the strike zone ), or platooned with Guzman( who was 10-65 upon his return to Fresno, and might be the worst defensive player....ever ), or moved to make room for Willingham( whose clutch RISP hitting has him with 12rbi on his 9hr, and no discernible ability to adequtely play 1st base ), or just keeping the seat warm for BigV( who although very young for the league, possesses Davis' strike-zone judgement, and according to Keith Law, the hustle of ManRam ). Still, we are seeing the rapid progression that marked Ishikawa's minor league career, start to manifest itself in the majors. This improvement continued through the massive jerk-around he's gotten from Melonhead the geriphile. T.I. will be a top 10 1st baseman in the very near future, I just hope it's with the Giants.

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