Vets hurting more than helping?

To start, I need to say that no matter who puts on that Giants uni every night, I will root for them on the mound, at the dish, or in the field. Like anyone else, I want them to do well.

I have a feeling that I may be in the minority in this department, but even with the Giants atop the wildcard, I would still rather see a lineup of young guys every night, rather than seeing Molina, Winn, Renteria, and Aurilia. Yes, each of these players *aside from Renteria* has made many contributions to this franchise, but there came a point (right around last year's trade deadline) when I decided that my love for the veterans had subsided, and it was time to see what the kids could do.

I was upset when we didn't work a deal for Randy and/or Richie and/or Benjie last year, and I am truly tiring of them this season. Yes, this team is over .500 and playing well, and usually that doesn't merit major changes. But from what I have seen in watching this team night in and night out for the past few years, I believe we could be playing even better right now without the aging vets.

In the last 30 games, Benjie is hitting .228, with only 10 RBI. Winn is hitting .258 with 8 RBI, Aurilia's hitting a cool .241 (with 7 hits!), and Renteria is whopping at .253 (10 RBI). What does that tell you? The young guys (and Rowand, and our stellar pitching) are carrying us through our hottest stretch.

Maybe my thinking is a bit overboard right now, but I'm just fed up with the vets. Everyone goes through slumps, but I believe their slumps are turning into full-fledged regressions. These guys have peaked in their careers, and we know what we will get from them. It's time to bring in some players whose ceilings are still unknown. Dare to dream my friends! And above all else, Go Giants!

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