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Giants/Nationals Recap: Well, That Went Well

I can't believe that Ryan Zimmerman broke open the game on a belt-high, 3-2 fastball. It was just so crazy, it should have worked.

Not to seem like I'm huffing the silver-lining paint, but it's been a while since a total bullpen meltdown. The worst ERA in the bullpen before tonight belonged to the closer. Take a look at the ERAs in the bullpen -- even though ERA is a pretty iffy way to evaluate relievers, there weren't too many ugly totals before tonight. It happens.

That isn't to insinuate that I didn't want to put a hat rack through the TV screen, mind you. But I'll put this one in a different mental column than the 2-1, six-leadoff-doubles-without-a-run kind of game.

Just try not to think that Lincecum has lost against Kevin Correia, Livan Hernandez, and now Craig Stammen, and you'll be fine.

(...urge to kill...rising...)