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Giants/Rangers Series Preview

For some generations: "Where were you when Kennedy was shot?"

For ours: "Where were you when the first interleague game was played?"

Stan Javier: First interleague home run. Mark Gardner: First interleague win (140 pitches!). Rod Beck: First interleague save (four pitches!). Glenallen Hill: First NL designated hitter (0-3, SF, two errors). We all remember it as if it were yesterday. I was, uh, with that guy in my dorm with the hair, unless I was at the bank or something. I could have been in the quad playing hacky-sack. Maybe I was at a Crash Test Dummies concert -- I can't remember what people did in the '90s.

Alright, so maybe the Giants/Rangers, June 12, 1997 game isn't a cultural touchstone. That's a shame, as the Giants actually won the game. But now the Rangers are coming to our turf! Is it payback time???!!! zomginterleaguexcitementfevertimezomg

Note: The third series is when I start to tire of interleague play. The curiosity is still there -- I haven't watched a whole lot of Ranger baseball over the past couple of years, so I'm interested in a few of their players -- but it's pretty hard to get more excited that I would be for, say, a Pirates or Phillies series. Sorry, Bud. At least it's not the 50th series of the season against the Padres, I guess.

The Rangers are doing well this year, leading the AL West, in case you were wondering. Suck it, The The Angels Angels of Anaheim.

Hitter to watch:

Chris Davis -- player 139C on your Matt Cain Trade Decoder Ring -- just struck out against Randy Joh...wait, he just struck out again. He's struck out 97 times in 230 plate appearances this season. Context: Fred Lewis, the target of the casual fan's K-related wrath, has struck out 54 times in 210 plate appearances. Davis has a ton of power, but his approach has never been especially refined. It's odd to think that he was the short-term fix/pre-arbitration fantasy of a lot of Giants fans this offseason; he's a pretty special talent, but he's going to need some time to develop. Let's hope he waits until after this series. Let's also hope that Giants' third-rounder Chris Dominguez has a similar development path.

Pitcher to watch

Scott Feldman: The second-most famous person to graduate from Burlingame High. I'd like to write that my blogging mastery has moved me up from #892 on the list to the top spot, but that'd be a pretty substantial lie. The list of famous people from BHS:

1. Bill Amend (FoxTrot comic strip guy)
2. Scott Feldman
35. Janice, the Safeway deli lady who will always give you extra pickles on your sandwich if you ask nicely
892. Grant, proprietor of McCovey Chronicles

So I'm rooting for Feldman in an 8 IP, 0 ER, no decision in a Giants 1-0 win kind of way. We totally have mutual Facebook friends and everything. I think I also might have given up an earned run once for the Rangers (in 2003 -- you probably did too), so there's another thing we have in common. Somehow, I don't think that I have to actively root for Feldman to do well against the Giants lineup, so I'll just stay out of this.


At some point, someone on this site covets one of the Rangers' under-30 hitters.