POLL: Moves

With the trade deadline approaching and the Giants firmly in... wait, can we call this contention?, the talk around here has been bat-centric. So I pose this question: if you could choose one player to add to the giants, who would it be? for the purposes of this poll, we will focus only on hitters, if you feel the team needs to add a pitcher, state so in the comments.

Now the contenders:

Brandon Wood 3B/SS/1B, Salt Lake Bees (AAA affiliate of the LA Angels)

.305/.379/.620 (avg/obp/slg), 15 HRs at AAA Salk Lake (187 ABs)

Former top prospect of the Angels that projects for power, but not average at the major league level. Could play almost any IF position, though is probably best suited for 3B.

Mark DeRosa 2B/3B/LF, Cleveland Indians

.280/.348/.479 (avg/obp/slg), 13 HRs (257 abs)

FA after this season; can play multiple positions, but is below average at those positions defensively (at lest 2B, not sure about the others).

Howie Kendrick 2B, Salt Lake Bees (AAA affiliate of the Angels)

.231/.281/.355 at LAA (186 ABs)

.286/.348/.476 at AAA Salt Lake (21 ABs)

Former starting 2B for the Angels, sent down to the minors last week. Has hit for average in the MLs, but not much else (Career line of .294/.324/.417).

Dan Uggla 2B, Florida Marlins

.216/.332/.414 at FLA

A bat-only 2B that may have to be moved to 3B in the future.

Nick Johnson 1B, Washington NationLOLs

.311/.415/.439 at WSH (228 ABs)

FA after this season; good on-base man, leads the league in not being Rich Aurilia; it is unknown if he is well versed in the fake bunt.

Kevin Frandsen 2B/SS/3B, Fresno Grizzlies

.330/.382/.484 at AAA Fresno (188 ABs)

We have said almost everything that needs to be said about frandsen the past couple days. Well versed in the art of the HBP.

BOWKERMANIA! RF/1B, Fresno Grizzlies

.343/.451/.573 at AAA Fresno (213 ABs), 10 HRs

Bowker has had a ridiculous season at AAA Fresno, getting on base at a .451 clip with double digit HRs and Steals. Can play 1B, but is primarily an OF.

Jesus Guzman 1B/3B, Fresno Grizzlies

.316/.364/.548 at AAA Fresno, 9 HRs

Guzman, a minor league FA pickup in the offseason, has impressed so far in the minors. Guzman played 3B most of his minor league career before being converted into a 1B this season.

So, what say the McCoven?

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