An ugly sweep. Are the G-men done?

No way! Sure, those were some embarrassing losses. Personally, however, I wasn't surprised by the blowouts in the first two games. I mean, look at the lineups Bochy threw out there behind Zito and Sanchez. Renteria batting second? Aurilia hitting between the 2 hottest hitters on the team? Schierholtz batting seventh? Give me a break! Why wasn't Andres Torres playing over Winn? The guy is RED HOT right now. You have to get him in the lineup, even if that means sitting a starter for a couple nights. Ishikawa got benched right when he was peaking, and he finally gets the start today... Wow, a homer and a double! Who knew?

Obviously, it's hard to win when your SP's get knocked around like that. But everyone knows Zito is unreliable, and everyone else knows Sanchez is in a horribly downward slide. But you know what, changes can be made. And if Sabean and Bochy decide they want to man up anytime soon, I believe this team is very capable of making some noise, even without making a trade. But they need a little help from their so-called GM and Manager.

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