Cain v. Lincecum

Who are you rooting for more in the Cy Young chase? Or even the chase to start the All- Star game. Answer both and don't take the easy way out and say either one is fine with you. Think of a logical answer for why you would support on (ie Lincecum would get his second Cy Young in a row or chance to redeam his failed attempt to start last year's allstar game/ Cain is a first timer and the Giants would have an amazing young set of competative duelers for the future - plus Cain is now worth more for those TRADE CAIN guys).

Let's look at the Stats:

Cain - W-L 9-1

  • ERA 2.39
  • K 68
  • Walks 34
  • WHIP 1.26
  • Lincecum - W-L 6-1

  • ERA 2.66
  • K 103
  • Walks 26
  • WHIP 1.17
  • All the real stat guys can feel free to add their other information, but I am sticking with the basics. Who are you rooting for Giant Fan?

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