Retrospective: Your Favorite Offseason Giants Articles

I love bat-shit crazy offseason baseball reporting. Most often the pieces are filled with players who are in the best shape of their careers, ready to prove themselves, and other assorted nonsense. Here's a few of my favorite Giants articles from before this season started.

Feel free to add your own!


Fred Lewis is going to hit dingers while batting third!

Choice quote(s):

Moving Lewis to the third spot will free him to swing with abandon. Leading off a team-high 79 times last year, Lewis needed to take pitches, which gave the Giants a good first look at the opposing hurler but sometimes inhibited him from pulverizing hittable deliveries. Lewis batted .279 at leadoff, which was comparable to his overall .282 average. But perhaps significantly, he hit .330 (29-for-88) in the third through sixth positions.

Fred Lewis hit third for all of 8 games!

"He has unbelievable pop," Lansford said.

And he's hit 3 dingers this year.

Healthy Frandsen ready for his shot

Choice quote(s):

It has been a typical offseason for Frandsen. He has resumed training at Athletes Performance Institute in the Phoenix area alongside his personal workout partner, American League Most Valuable Player Dustin Pedroia of Boston, and other Major Leaguers such as the Dodgers' Andre Ethier, the Pirates' Freddy Sanchez and the Rangers' Josh Hamilton.

Frandsen fully expects to reach their level.

"If I get the opportunity," he said, "I think a lot of people know what I can do."

Hint: You won't get the chance.


They'll often trek up a road from Zito's house into the hills and stand on opposite ends of a canyon. So it's obvious what happens if one of their throws falls short or somebody can't hold onto a toss. "The ball's gone," Wilson said Thursday during a visit to AT&T Park. "We lost about six balls one day."

/throws ball into canyon

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