I know the draft is long gone but....

I can't get over one little thing that I want McCovey Chronicles fans to help me understand/cope with.

The Giants drafted a catcher in the second round. The Giants drafted a high school catcher in the second round. Thomas R Joseph. I understand this will be a need for the Giants and I do not disagree with drafting a catcher just in case Buster Posey is not what we want him to be. I also can see how the Giants were drafting in 2009. They were trying to get as many power hitters as they could.

However, help me understand why the Giants didn't go with Max Stassi instead. Hear me out. I may be a little bias because I grew up with Stassi, however, since little league people were talking about how he will be in the pros someday because his talent was far superior than anybody around. I have had my success pitching against Max Stassi and I am very proud(Just had to throw that in there). Anyway, I understand Max was asking for above slot money. Top 20. The A's are saying it's 1.5 million. I understand that this is a lot of money and would be tough for the Giants organization. The kid is in your backyard though. He has grown up a Giants fan, obviously this would help the negotiation process.

Help me understand why the Giants did not go after him and take a chance? His dad was drafted by the Giants organization and worked his way up to triple-A. Wouldn't you think this would help their chances of signing him? I understand that I may be bias because I know how good Max is and Thomas Joseph. I'm happy for him that he's on the A's because more likely than not he will develop into a better ballplayer because the A's develop their players better than any team in the MLB. I wish Max the best of luck, and I ask Giants fans, why Joseph over Stassi? I really don't think signability should have been an issue for the Giants because of their past with Jimmy Stassi(his dad), and because his childhood team is the Giants. I don't know about you but I would give an arm and a leg to play for the Giants, my team for life, but then I wouldn't be physically capable of playing with one arm and one leg. Stassi or Joseph? If you agree with me please tell me. I am not JUST asking why Joseph over Stassi.

I am sorry if I wasted your time. Also, please understand I am not an English major nor do I intend to be.

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