What to do with Rich Aurilia?

The Giants don't have very many holes at a given position right now. One could make the argument that Travis Ishikawa is not an everyday first baseman, but his defensive abilities seem to be keeping him on the roster. Also, everyone knows that we lack power.

So I got to thinking that Rich Aurilia is a hole in our bench. Now, I do factor in his veteran know-how and what that brings to the club, but do you think that outweighs a 200 something BA? I also realize that by fixing the pinch hitter/ defensive sub/ every now and then starter, is not to going to push us over the edge, but I do think it will help.

What do you guys think about trading for the following hitters(1 of the following, not all): Julio Lugo(not really big on him at the moment), Willie Bloomquist, or Ramon Santiago. All these guys shouldn't have a huge price tag and all are not starters, besides Lugo who is only filling the spot until Jed Lowrie returns. All have been hitting pretty well, Santiago somehow has some pop this year and Bloomquist has shown some interesting speed on the bases this year.

What do you guys think? I love Rich but we gave ourselves an out when we only guaranteed him the minimum salary this season.

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