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Post-Game Recap: Giants beat the A's

Congratulations to Tim Lincecum for the (non-forced) complete game shutout of his career! Even the biggest pitch-count weenie in the world would have left Lincecum out there, as he threw only 98 pitches. Jonathan Sanchez has done that several times -- he calls it "the fourth inning" -- but that shouldn't detract from Lincecum's amazing performance.

Part of me wants to believe that Lincecum has an imaginary rivalry in his head with 2006 1st-overall pick Luke Hochevar, who also threw a complete game tonight. But Hochevar gave up a run. So eat it, Hochevar.

Also of note: Pablo Sandoval started the run barrage (three!) with a deftly placed bunt. Ten pounds of Ty Cobb in an eight-pound sack, that one is. Without the virulent racism, of course.