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The Third Draft Day: A gripping, action-pac...znzzzzz

But there should be a place to bring up Diego Seastrunk, the GIants' 31st-round pick. He's now the official late-round prospect for McCovey Chronicles for a coupe of reasons:

  1. Dude has an awesome name.
  2. He actually has a draft report, which means he is probably much better than a 31st-round talent.
  3. That draft report says he's a "line-drive machine" and that his makeup is "off the charts" -- and you know how expansive those charts are. They put those charts on, like, 16'x16' posterboard, so when a guy's makeup is off the charts? Just wow.

Maybe he'll go back to Rice for his senior year, but hopefully the Giants can tempt him with a) money, and b) the promise of being the Official Late-Round Prospect of McCovey Chronicles. This site has been widely recognized as one of the top 26 Giants blogs on the internet, so it's a pretty big honor.

Is anyone listening to the draft on's drafttracker? I feel like I'm Jodie Foster in Contact, listening to static for the SETI program.