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Post-Game Recap: Giants Take Game Two From the Diamondbacks

Three quick notes:

  • I didn't check the GameThread to see if it was just me, but wasn't the home plate ump's strike zone one of the weirdest of the year? It was like he was battling vertigo.
  • Brian Wilson officially has competition for the closer's role. That new, shaggy-haired guy who struck out the side in a 1-2-3 ninth has to be considered for late inning work in the future, even if Wilson is the established closer.
  • Back when Zito was pitching consistently terrible, this was the kind of start that some of us would be a little optimistic about. "They hit him around a little, you know, but he was missing bats, durrrrrr." So if this was a dud start for the new old Zito, we're doing just fine. Just from a scouting perspective, Zito was obviously a better pitcher than Doug Davis. From a scouting and fiscal perspective...uh, well, that's not the point.

Heckuva road trip so far, Sean West spanking notwithstanding. And to think, Zack Wheeler's coming up as a reinforcement any day now.