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How Tweet It Is: Zito Pitches Well Again (Giants Post-Game Thread)

Best play of the game: Juan Pierre getting caught stealing third with two outs. That's I did that once in little league. Once. Pierre's just looking out for the only people in the world who care about him: his fantasy owners.

Worst play of the game: Bah. No such thing in a win against the Dodgers.

Barry Zito: I'm not sure if he's good now, but he's at least 58% less awful. That kind of thing markets itself. I'm pulling for him now, and I'm starting to look forward to his starts. Kind of.

Andre Ethier: If he doesn't catch Rowand's foul ball, what are the odds that the Giants don't score that inning? Rowand would have grounded into at least one double play that inning if he were given the chance. Ethier needs to get his hands on some scouting reports.

Brian Wilson: Nasty stuff with command tonight. His pitching against Casey Blake was some of the best I've seen from him. All of his pitches had a...uh...what was that...*snaps fingers*...uh, his pitches had a...purpose! Yeah, a purpose. It wasn't just chuck ball/cross fingers.

Good win. They all are. But beating the Dodgers has that smooth, veal-like texture. Just amazing.